Dalat Training Camp Jan 16th & 17th



Announcing that Thoi Tran from the Vietnam Cycling Federation and Dong Tam Bike Shop are putting on a mountain bike training camp on January 16th and 17th.

The camp is primarily designed to help local riders train for the 2016 Vietnam Victory Challenge so riders will be hitting the courses for Stages one and two. The plan is to ride the course for stage one on Saturday the 16th and end at the Quan Huang Hac area by the reservoir. Participants are welcome to camp out there that night with the relative comforts and amenities that Quan Huang Hac has available. After a fun night of camping and hanging out with other passionate about cycling riders will take on the stage two course to get familiar with this course which is new for 2016. After a lap to get acquainted with the course Thoi Tran plans to have an impromptu race to further help riders in their training for the actual event in March.

For more information please contact our friends and sponsors at Dong Tam Bike Shop via their Facebook page.

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