"Pack your suitcase of courage and join us!" -Robert Lofgran-
"It's supposed to be hard!" -Robert Lofgran-
"If it were easy, anyone could do it; and what fun would that be?" -Robert Lofgran
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  • Time:March 11-13.
    3 Days
  • Location:Dalat
  • Registrations start from:REGISTRATION IS CURRENTLY OPEN!
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  • Time:MARCH 19TH
  • Location:DALAT
  • Registrations start from:REGISTRATION IS CURRENTLY OPEN!
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The DDK Vietnam Victory Challenge MTB Stage Race started with 101 riders in 2015. The event was the first ever international open mountain bike race in Vietnam and hosted athletes from more than 6 countries. For 2016 we’ve returned with the VVC MTB Stage Race and the all new VVC Trail Run. This 50K Ultramarathon, half and 10k event was added by request of members of the running community here in Vietnam and will take place one week after the MTB race covering many of the same routes. We are excited to be part of the growth of outdoor sports in Vietnam and we look forward to see you in Dalat this March.

Vision The DDK Vietnam Victory Challenge events were created in an effort to help grow outdoor sports in Vietnam and initially, specifically the sport of mountain biking. Another goal is to create employment and experience within the  outdoor industry for Vietnamese citizens.  All of this while trying to teach locals about the importance of nature conservation. As someone whose life has been centered around cycling and the outdoors, the race founder created the event with the personal knowledge that cycling and racing can change lives.
“As a kid, mountain biking provided me my first real freedom and helped me get my first gainful employment at a local bike shop. My bike started me down a path that still provides for my family today. I’m forever grateful for that first mountain bike and the life lessons I learned earning the money to pay for it. As much as I’ve tried at different times in life to distance myself from bikes and bike racing, it’s just part of who I am. I’m happiest when I’m doing just about anything involving bikes or the outdoors, so putting together these events has been extremely rewarding. Cycling has long been my personal anti-depressant and has made me and my life better. I hope our events can do for others what my bike has done for me.”
Robert LofgranRace Founder


Race news

  • DDK 1

    DDK Vietnam Victory Challenge

    February 23, 2016

    WELCOMING DDK TO THE VVC FAMILY Many of our followers have already noted the addition of DDK as our title sponsor from changes to our website and social media updates. We want to take this opportunity to further introduce this great company and sponsor to the local cycling community and our participants. DDK was founded in 1970 ...more

  • 10620474_1215156048499837_1818546031384161272_o

    The Bike Shop Asks, "ARE YOU READY?"

    January 21, 2016

    MAKE SURE YOU GET TO THE BIKE SHOP FOR A 5% DISCOUNT ON ALL GOPRO PRODUCTS AND GEAR. Whether it's your first big race or your hundredth, make sure you and your equipment are prepared (even you runners). Make a checklist based on past experiences and experiences of trusted friends and coaches and stick to it. REDUCE ...more

  • DDK 1

    Welcome To Our New Sponsors

    January 12, 2016

      We're very excited to announce the addition of some new sponsors! KMC, who is famous for bike and motorcycle chains will be joining us along with DDK who is a bike saddle manufacturer operating in Vietnam. We're also glad to have Premium Distribution joining us as a sponsor. Premium Distribution is known for distributing many ...more

  • 20141227_095508

    Trail Run!!

    January 7, 2016

      Ok folks! Runners in HCMC came to us asking for this event. We've put together what is certain to be a great event with equally exceptional courses. We have a very challenging 50k ultramarathon course that passes through some amazing areas of the Dalat mountains. To make the event family friendly we also have a ...more

  • 11068019_606617072816450_4776851104412513063_n

    Dalat Training Camp Jan 16th & 17th

    January 5, 2016

      Announcing that Thoi Tran from the Vietnam Cycling Federation and Dong Tam Bike Shop are putting on a mountain bike training camp on January 16th and 17th. The camp is primarily designed to help local riders train for the 2016 Vietnam Victory Challenge so riders will be hitting the courses for Stages one and two. The ...more