Trail Run!!



Ok folks! Runners in HCMC came to us asking for this event. We’ve put together what is certain to be a great event with equally exceptional courses. We have a very challenging 50k ultramarathon course that passes through some amazing areas of the Dalat mountains. To make the event family friendly we also have a half marathon and a 10k event that will take place on great trails surrounding  the Valley of Love park at the edge of Dalat city; which is also the same location the ultramarathon will finish.

This isn’t our first rodeo either! So if you’re one of the folks I’ve heard is sitting on the fence because you “just don’t do events that are in their inaugural year” then you’re really going to miss out because this is going to be an amazing day of trail running. We’ve got our bases covered with everything that a long time athlete organizer knows you’ll need.  Food and water support will be all along the course along with medical support, courses that are marked extremely well and so much more.  Take the time and get registered and start preparing to run some hills. The race is capped at 300 total participants.

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View the full event details here!

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